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Good Bye Year 6

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-30-2014

keep calm and keep in touch 3 257x300 Good Bye Year 6

Good luck to all of Year 6 who left us this year.  It is nice to read the comments that some of you have made on the blog.  We’re sure that you’ll all have an amazing time at high school and hopefully you’ll have lots of great memories from Holy Family to take with you!


Children’s University

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-22-2014

Another huge done to the members of Year 6 who graduated at this year’s Children’s University.  Another day…another reason for the teachers to be proud again!

IMG 4053 300x225 Childrens University

Leavers Play

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-22-2014

A HUGE well done to Year 6 for their leavers play!  It was AMAZING and we were all very proud of you!

IMG 4054 300x225 Leavers Play

World Flags

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-15-2014

Year 6 have again shown their artistic talents as they painted the boards in the infant playground!  Thanks to the PTFA for providing us with the paint and brushes!

Golf Driving Range

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-14-2014

As part of our PE subject of learning Golf, Year 6 visited the Tee Time Driving Range.

Darwen Tower

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-13-2014

For our final walk of the year, the walking club chose to re-visit Darwen Tower (mainly so they could splash in the water at the end!)

Circus and the Beach

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-13-2014

Thanks to the PTFA, Year 6 were able to pay another visit to the Blackpool Tower Circus!

Here we:

  • had lots of fun
  • saw a truck drive over a man’s stomach
  • were amazed at some men running around on two spinning hoops
  • laughed at Mr Waywell trying to bend a steel rod in the circus ring
  • stared open mouthed as some men jump through a very high spinning, metal ring
  • sang happy birthday to Helen
  • and had more fun!

As the sun was shining we decided to walk back to school along the beach.  As one of Year 6′s favourite things is water, it wasn’t long before shoes and socks were off and we were splashing through puddles!

Water Park Selfies

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-13-2014

All good things have to come to an end.  Our visit to Waterpark ended with a few coach selfies!

And lots of tired people too!

Water Park 2014

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-4-2014

Congratulations to Year 6 for their week on residential.  You were brilliantly behaved, very brave, lots of fun and made Holy Family and the teachers very proud!  We couldn’t have asked for any more! Thank you!

DSCN0997 Water Park 2014

Water Park Photos Day 5

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-4-2014

Waterpark Day 4

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-3-2014

We began our fourth day with some sausage butties…delicious! Whilst eating we were joined with Miss Linton who replaced Miss Hanley, Miss Linton who replaced Mrs Unsworth and Mrs McAllister.

Mr Wing and Miss Linton canoed across the lake for a spot of rock climbing.  The group showed how brave they were again and all managed to climb the cliff face.  The weather was great so they had lunch on the beach.  In the afternoon the team took to the water again for some Sailing.  With some great wind, everyone managed to sail down the lake, though PJ and Maria capsized an uncapsizable.  The  day ended with some jumping in.

Mrs Knight and Mrs McAllister canoed to Peel Island just down the lake.  Here they played sardines (hide and seek) and a blind fold game.  The afternoon was a wind surfing lesson.  The children loved this and were quick to stand on their boards and use the sails!

Mr Waywell’s group took pack lunches and headed off for a walk. They were very adventurous and chose the Old Mad of Coniston, a mountain (802m high).  Although it was a sluggish start, the boys stayed on track and completed the, sometimes tricky, route up the mountain.  After lunch, they made their way back down the mountain and drove for ice creams.  Here they had the opportunity to let some ducks eat out of their hands!  They ended their day with some jumping in the lake.

Miss McKenna had a brilliant time wind surfing in the morning.  Everyone could take part and the wind meant that they could pick up some good speed.  In the afternoon the group took part in high ropes where they swung from a Peter Pan style swing.  The group also climbed a 60 ft tree.  Well done for Lacey, Clio and Luke for making it to the top!




Water Park Photos Day 4

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-3-2014

Ooops…I forgot Miss McKenna’s group for Day 3

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2014

Water Park Day 3

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2014

Today has been another fantastic one up at Water Park finished with lots of happy children after speaking to you all.

After yesterday’s early start the children are now slowly becoming more tired.  Today only Mr Waywell and PJ made it up before 7am.  The groups are now becoming a dab hand at making their own lunches and easily whipped up some sandwiches followed by crumpets for breakfast.

Miss McKenna’s group ventured off on their journey day today.  They started by climbing aboard a ‘Dart’ and sailing for 2 hours, up Lake Coniston, until arriving  in Coniston.  Then they perched on the shore and ate their lunch, saving enough room so they could enjoy an ice-cream. After eating they set off on a 3 mile saunter, which took them about 3 hours icon wink Water Park Day 3  Along the way there was time to stop and enjoy playing a few games. Unfortunately just before the end Katie tripped and hurt her face (she complained she had broken her nose, head, hand and leg for hours) Finally to finish they climbed on the ‘safety boat’ to home!

Mrs Knight and Miss Hanley’s group were also on a journey day.  WOW how exciting, whizzing up lake Coniston on a sailing boat…..ahoy my heart’s!!! Shiver my timbers couldn’t ask for better weather conditions…very windy!!! They stopped half way for a delicious lunch which the children had prepared earlier …. They then had a few fun games, pile the pebbles being one……after boarding their vessels they headed back on their journey, landing safely at Coniston to buy some well deserved DISCOUNTED ice creams. Think sailing is high on the list for favourite activities!

Mr Wing’s and Miss Unsworth’s group started the day with a boat ride over the water to Torver quarry where Duncan had set up an abseil for them. After hardly and persuasion every single member of the group was moonwalking down a 30ft drop, their lunch was at the bottom so if they hadn’t gone down they would of gone hungry! After some lunch they hit the lake again on their boards ready to catch the wind! By the end of the day the whole group was standing and “Hanging Ten” posing for the camera. A great day with everyone looking forward to tomorrow!

Mr Waywell’s group took to the water first thing to take on a spot of wind surfing.   Geared up in several layers of warm clothing and protective gear they headed down to the lake.  Most of the group took to the activity with ease and were flying around the lake with their sails held high.  Ryan agreed with Mr Waywell that as long as he stayed up for 15 seconds then he could leave wind surfing and splash Mr Waywell for 30 minutes instead.  The afternoon was spent climbing up a rock face across the lake.  Some of the group faced their fears and made it up the cliff whilst others practiced different routes to speed up their times.

Another successful day all around followed by burgers, chips and a delicious sticky toffee pudding!

Water Park Photos Day 3

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2014

Water Park Photos Day 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-1-2014

Water Park Day 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-1-2014

Again we have been lucky today with some great weather!  The day began early with some children waking up at 5am and most downstairs drinking a brew at 6:30pm!  The first task was alien to some children as they had to make their own packed lunch and then try to wrap them up in cling film.  Some got so carried away that they even wrapped a tangerine in cling film!  Breakfast was fired egg and bacon and went down a treat!

During the day the different groups took part in ghyll scrambling and kayaking.  Ghyll scrambling involved walking up a gorge that is mainly covered with a mountain river.  Along the way there were several stops where children had to put their heads in waterfalls, jump into pools, slide down rocks and generally get very wet indeed!  All teachers said that the children were fantastic and that they showed great energy and  courage in completing all of the tasks!

Kayaking took us down onto Lake Coniston.  The children were given their own kayak and taught how to paddle their way around the lake, some more successful than others so there were quite a few splashes!  Whilst on the lake, children also got to play some games, try to stand up and get pretty wet…again.  The sessions ended on a jetty where some children were brave enough to launch their kayaks off the jetty and into the water (whilst still sitting on them) and others jumped into the lake.  Some children even let Mr Wing or Mr Waywell throw them in (well done Maria for doing this when she was particularly scared!) Well done also to Milles for soaking Mrs Knight with a “Please will you take my photo?” …….splat in the face with a sponge!

The children have just had meatballs and pasta for tea with some sponge pudding and custard for dessert.  They are now playing outside with games intended to make them run so fast the midges won’t be able to catch them!

In our second day the class really are enjoying themselves and has been nice to hear from every group that even in a day children are showing more confidence in trying new things.

Thank you for the comments last night, the children loved them being read out.  Please keep them coming.  Mr W

Water Park Day 1 Photos

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-30-2014

Water Park Day 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-30-2014

We arrived safe and sound at around 11am (the bus only got lost once!)

After staring in awe at the huge mansion that is to be our home, children had time to pack then some sandwiches for lunch.

After dinner each team found a different place in the park and played some team-building games e.g. balancing  a board, climbing a wall or a water carrying challenge.

The next activity was raft building.  In the same teams the children helped to build their own raft and then set sail into Lake Coniston.  There were a few games along the way, a race and plenty of barrels falling from the rafts causing the children (and staff) to fall in.

Pizza and wedges was for tea with a very delicious banoffee pie for dessert!

The class are having a great time and as I type I can see them running around and laughing in a field opposite.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I’ll pass messages onto the children.  (Don’t forget to say the child’s name and who the message is from.)



Walking Club May

Posted by Mr Waywell on May-16-2014

This month’s walking club took us to Beacon Fell.

Walking was not the key to this month’s club.  After a poorly start for Sinead, we decided to leave the planned walk and base ourselves up on the fell.  This worked out great as we got to see all of the wooden sculptures and explore the woods.

The weather was a little murky however it held off for us to have a picnic with a great view (we could see Blackpool Tower in the distance!)

After lunch we started the L O N G E S T game of hide and seek tig ever (1 hour and ten minutes!)  Beginning with Callum on, the group ran and hid behind trees and under logs.  Helen was the first to be caught then the teachers stood and watched for 20 minutes to see if they could catch someone….they couldn’t!  Mr Waywell stepped into the fold and eventually Jason was the next to be caught.  This  was a success and the rest of the group were caught pretty soon after. As we moved to another spot for another game, we realised that it had been raining the whole time yet we had been sheltered by the trees!

After another game and a few ice creams, it was time for home!