Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2014/15

Spanish Weather Forecast

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-26-2015

In Spanish we have been learning many things since September.  This term we have put all of our knowledge together to create these weather broadcasts!

Who would have know that we have only been learning Spanish for a short while!


Year 6 – The Fear

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-24-2015

As we begin writing our suspense stories in English, today Year 6 watched the short film, “The Fear”.

Here is their reaction!


Suspense Stories in Literacy

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-24-2015

Remember this from literacy?  What did you think?

Electricity Models

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-20-2015

Using our skills from our Electricity science topic, Year 6′s half term design task was to build something that was powered by electricity and can be turned on by a switch.

Working alone or in groups, the class got stuck in to designing, reviewing and creating their models.

We learned how to:

  • Support structures
  • How to add circuits using wire and screwdrivers (no more crocodile clips!)
  • How to use saw safely
  • How to use a hand drill safely (though one  group did drill into the table!)
  • How magic Modroc is!
  • and more importantly…how to change our designs when things aren’t working out as we planned.

Here are the finished models:

Friendship Week

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-20-2015

As part of Friendship Week, each class made some items to sell in the Friendship Fair on Friday.  Pupils could buy smiley face biscuits, bracelets, book marks and some cross-stitch pictures.

With some help from Mrs Mather, Year 6 spent the day making some friendship faces and hearts to sell (whilst watching Maze Runner…a brilliant film!)  Everyone joined in though a special well done to Kuba who was stitching hearts like a machine!

Here are our creations:

IMG 5404 300x225 Friendship Week IMG 5405 300x225 Friendship Week

Schools Alive

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-20-2015

A HUGE well done to the pupils who took part in Schools Alive last week.

With a dance medley based around World War 1 they wowed the audience (and plenty of teachers!)

Here are our Year 6 members as they were getting ready in their own dressing room.

IMG 5402 300x225 Schools Alive IMG 5401 300x225 Schools Alive

Darwen Tower

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-9-2015

This month our walking club took us to Darwen Tower (in extreme fog!)

Along the way we:

  • Saw lots of snow (and threw most of it at someone!)
  • Climbed up a very steep hill that we thought would never end.
  • Couldn’t see the huge tower right in front of us as the fog was so thick!
  • Had lunch on top of the hill in the cold.
  • Sang songs on the way down to warm ourselves up.
  • Climbed to the top of the  very windy tower.
  • Built a dam.
  • Jumped in water.
  • Watched Filip swim in the water!
  • Ate delicious sweets from Mrs Czarnecki.
  • Ate disgusting sweets from Mrs Czarnecki.
  • Bought nice things from the shop.
  • Bought horrible hot chocolate from the shop!

All in all I think it was our most popular trip so far!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-9-2015

Our PE topic this half term has been gymnastics.

With the help of Miss Linton, Year 6 have learned how to move, balance, turn, roll and jump.  They have developed their technical skills and have worked on both mats and the gymnastics apparatus. Overall both Miss Linton and I have been very proud of their achievements!  (Especially seeing them being used in the Parkour videos too!)

Here are some of our group balances!

Houghton Bottoms

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-9-2015

Here are the photos from last month’s walk, sadly I have only just found them on the camera.

We visited Houghton Bottoms for our longest walk so far (5 miles!) Throughout the walk we got a treat that we don’t often see in Blackpool…we were snowed on!

Junior Parkour Team

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-6-2015

Our Junior Parkour Team have been practicing their skills again this Golden Time, check them out…


Football Tournament

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-26-2015

Well done to the members of the class who represented Holy Family in this term’s football tournament.

Mr Wing and Mrs Pearce were very proud in the way they acted throughout and their brilliant team spirit!

Was it fun?  Can anyone add any stories that happened whilst the rest of us were back in class?

Kingdom of God 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-23-2015

Kingdom of God

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-23-2015


Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-23-2015

Our new science topic is dissolving so we began the lessons by having a go at dissolving.

Our aim was to make a list of solids that do or do not dissolve. We also had to see if they changed the appearance, smell and taste of the liquid (some pretty nasty tasting ones too!)


Golden Time

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-23-2015

Lunchtime Fun

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-23-2015

Christmas already!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-22-2015

Look what I found from Christmas!

Party Harlem

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-16-2015

Class Party

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-16-2015

Year 6 clubbed together for their first class party of the year.

We had games, crisps, some delicious home-made cakes, lots of music, balloon animals, pass the parcel, dance-offs, pop and some funny forfeits!

Did you enjoy yourselves?  Would you pay for another party?


Class Mascot

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-16-2015

What is he called?

IMG 5228 e1421442833354 225x300 Class Mascot