Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2016/17

Buddhist Temple

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-20-2017

Our World Faith week was based on Buddhism.  As part of our learning, Year 6 took a trip to Manjushri Buddhist Centre in Ulverston.

Whilst there we learned about:

  • different Buddhas
  • how to meditate
  • Buddhist symbols

We also got some time to do some art work; to hug a huge tree and to throw stones into the sea.

Wedding of the Week

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-20-2017

I forgot to add the photographs from our “Wedding of the Week”.

In RE Year 6 are learning about the sacraments.  Mr Waywell and Mrs Whitmore decided to get married and show them what a marriage ceremony was like.  Mrs Whitehead took the reigns to perform the ceremony with best men, brides maids and a very supportive group watching the wedding.

WW2 Cooking

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-20-2017

As Year 6 ended out WW2 topic we decided to cook using some ration recipes.
Which did you like? Would you like the recipe to make them again?

Happy Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-10-2017

Schools Alive 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-10-2017

Schools Alive 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-10-2017

Schools Alive were amazing this week! Here are some of their performances!

The Last Supper

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-28-2017

Year 6 are learning about the sacraments.

Here is our role play of the Last Supper.

The Fear – Reaction

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-28-2017

Watch the reaction of Year 6 watching a cartoon!

Mannequin – Party

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-21-2016

Here we go again (a little movement this time again…grrr!) We’ll beat it next time!

X Factor – Triplets and Mrs Knight

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-21-2016

X-Factor KayT and Mr Waywell

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-20-2016

Christmas Jumper Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-17-2016

Ho ho ho!  More festivities with Christmas jumper day!


Cross Country

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-17-2016

This term one of our PE lessons has been cross country (getting ready for doing it at high school!)

Whatever the weather, Year 6 had to get on their gear and run outside with Miss Linton – on some days 2 miles!

From a beginning where many people were nervous or couldn’t be bothered to take part, this quickly changed and everyone really got stuck into the lessons and improving their skills!

Watch out for our Santa Run cross country post to come next week!

Christmas Dinner

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-17-2016

Ho ho ho!  Thank you to the cooks for a very delicious Christmas dinner!

Roll on the festivities!

Victorian School Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-11-2016

On Friday Year 6 traveled back in time for a Victorian school day.

The day began with inspection of hands and uniforms before settling into rows in the classroom and learning about the three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) and the rules and punishments in Victorian times.

The reading lesson was to recite and discuss a Victorian poem by Matthew Arnold.  In arithmetic we chanted some times tables and then solved problems involving Victorian money.

Break time kept the theme and the class were only allowed to play with marbles, spinning tops, hula hoops or Victorian toys (no iPads or footballs!)

After break, writing was with a stylus and ink (or chalk and slate for the ones who struggled).  We then had drill with a very fierce Miss Linton!

After lunch our geography lesson was about the British Empire in Victorian times.

Year 6 all dressed up and really got involved in the day to make it a fun and memorable one!

What did you think?

Year 6 Bucks

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-8-2016

Year 6 bucks are earned every day for hard work, great pieces of work or helping out. The class can spend them on biscuits, ice lollies, chocolates, no homework and lots more.

Some choose to spend $50 to visit Reception class…



Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-7-2016

Year 6 has been doing gymnastics in PE this term. Here are some of our balances.

Christmas Fair

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-5-2016

This week was the Christmas Fair in school!

As Friday arrived the school embraced the festive spirit and began to prepare for the school fair!  Year 6 were AMAZING and 24 of the 26 children volunteered to run their own stalls to help raise money at the fair!  Each group had to plan their stall, use shopping websites to find out the costs, produce posters and then set up their stall.

As 3:30 arrived, Year 6 had to run their stalls; talking to their customers and working out their own money!

They really did help to make the fair a success and teachers commented on how helpful and organised they were…I was very proud (even when I was being pied in the face!)

Well done Year  6 – you really deserved the weekend with no homework!


Shapes Maths

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-5-2016

Last week our maths topic was shape!

On one of the days, Year 6 were challenged to make as many 3D shapes as they could.  Not only this but every member of  the team had to be able to identify the name of each shape (without help!)

Well done to the winners…we could certainly name more shapes by the end of the session!

Houghton Bottoms

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-23-2016

This month Walking Club took 13 pupils to Houghton Bottoms.

After a week of horrible wet play times we were very lucky that it was  pleasant day – we even got to sit down for a picnic!

Along the way we:

  • Walked for a long time (just over 6 miles!)
  • Climbed many styles
  • Scared sheep
  • Got told not to scare any more sheep
  • Watched the boys secretly trying to wee as a bunch of hikers walked right behind them!
  • Walked through mud
  • Fell in mud
  • Got stuck in mud
  • Lost shoes in mud
  • Watched Mr Waywell dig in mud with his hands to rescue the shoes from mud
  • Threw stones in the river
  • Saw a very posh house

All in all it was another successful trip!  Roll on the next one in January, we are hoping to find somewhere that has snow!