Year 6 @ Holy Family

Welcome Class of 2013/14


Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-16-2014

Our irreversible changes topic took us outside too!

Here we used our knowledge of chemical reactions to create some rockets!

Rocket 1:  Place a fizzy vitamin tablet and water in a camera film container.  Put the lid on and …..pop!

Rocket 2: Place some bicarbonate of soda and some vinegar in a camera film container.  Put the lid on and …..pop!

Rocket 3: Place some more bicarbonate of soda and some more vinegar in a 2 litre pop bottle.  Hold your hand over the top 0f the bottle while the gas builds up and  ….. whooooooooshhh! (you’ll stink of vinegar!)

Rocket 4: Place a Mentos mint in a bottle of Coke and …..whoosh!

Heating and Irreversible Changes

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-16-2014

One of our science tasks was to see what affect heating had on a range of products.

Armed with a tea-light candle and a spoon, Year 6 set to work at predicting and testing whether the changes would be reversible or if a chemical reaction occurred and they were irreversible.

There were some good smells going on in the classroom and a few phantom ash marks appearing on people’s faces!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-16-2014

Anyone remember who this is?  We wrote his biography in literacy!

DSCN0417 225x300 Boxer DSCN0416 300x225 Boxer

Summer Time

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-14-2014

Hooray for the Summer!

IMG 3562 225x300 Summer Time

Mode, Median and Mean

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-6-2014

Remember this from lesson?  Have another go!

Short Multiplication (1)

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-16-2014

See if this helps you with our new multiplication method!


Darwen Tower Walk

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-10-2014

Sunday was rated as our best walking club so far!  We met for a hike up to the top of the tower in Darwen.

The trip began at the visitors centre in Sunnyhurst woods.  Here the group were able to climb trees, hide under bridges and walk up waterfalls. (Sinead also fell over several times in the water!)  The group had so much fun that Mr Waywell had to drag them away in order to so some walking.

We then set up to the tower.  Year 6 were given the option of walking gradually up the side of the hill or marching straight up the steep face…they opted for the harder of the two options!

Up at the top the view was amazing and even better when you climbed to the top of the tower! Here we stopped for a spot of lunch.

After lunch and some rolling up and down hills, we set off down back to the river.  Again, the group were given the choice of a path or the side of the hill through lots of grass…they again chose the harder choice!  Little did we know that the hill was covered in holes which meant that we fell lots of times as we walked down.

Back at the bottom, the group got to have another play/water fight in the river.

Again we were so lucky and didn’t see a drop of rain, fingers crossed for next time.


Buddah Art

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-4-2014

Once more, as part of our world religion topic, Year 6 have proved that they really are talented artists!

Northern Soul Workshop

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-4-2014

The Grundy Art gallery arranged for the class to have a Northern Soul workshop, linked to a display that is in the gallery at the moment.

After learning what Northern Soul is and seeing some very old cassette’s, records and CDs that people used to play it on, Year 6 watched a video of how adults dance.  We were then taught our very own Northern Soul dance moves.

Check them out!


Walking Club – February

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-3-2014

A very muddy Sunday took us to Skipool and the Wyre Estuary.

On our walk/ hunt for a big white bird(that`s very rare) we encountered many pools of murky water with floating islands of muddy grass. Some of us even attempted par core!

When we were eating our lunch some of the rubbish was dragged over a fence by the wind, but was luckily rescued! After an eventful lunch we spent a whole 45 minutes playing on the park towards the middle of the walk. We then had a quick toilet break before gorging ourselves on some delicious ice cream!

Child Line

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-28-2014

This week, Child Line came to visit to share with us the work that they do and their important phone number and website.

child line 300x134 Child Line

Killing our own Jelly babies!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-7-2014

As well as dissolving Jelly Babies, we found our own, more inventive, ways to deal with the problem!

Die Jelly Babies

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-4-2014

This term on of our science tasks was to rid the world of some evil jelly babies.  We were shocked to find out how they have turned bad and are building up a strong jelly army to take over the world!

Our task was to dissolve them as quickly as possible (and eat quite a few too!)

Garstang Walk

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-27-2014

Sunday’s walk to Garstang was the muddiest yet!

We set off as normal to Garstang with a bus and a car (3 new members!)  This week we also had a guest appearance from Miss Capoverde!

After arriving at Garstang, we set off on a walk through some really muddy fields.  Thankfully the weather was good again (we are SO lucky!)

Along the way we:

  • Saw a horse gallop past us
  • Dezzie scared some cows
  • Callum and Leon lost shoes (and socks)
  • Mr Waywell had to get on his hands and knees in the mud to dig out the shoes
  • We had a very cold lunch break
  • We got shouted at by a farmer
  • We saw a castle ruin (that didn’t look like a castle)
  • But more than anything, we got REALLY muddy!

Roll on next month!

Stars of Year 6

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-27-2014

Definitely not Mr Waywell and Miss McKenna!  The only 2 stars in our class are Ant and Dec!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-27-2014

Our new science topic is dissolving!

Our aims:

  • to know what dissolves
  • to separate materials after they’ve dissolved
  • to filter and sieve materials
  • and lots of experiments!

Here, Year 6 had to see if dissolving a group of solids would affect the appearance, smell and taste of water……delicious!

Line Dancing

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-20-2014

This week’s PE was line dancing!  How great are Year 6!

I wonder what next week’s theme will be?



Blackpool Tower

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-11-2014

Finally, Year 6 were able to visit Blackpool Tower for our final trip looking at Victorian Blackpool.


We began the day with a tour of the tower; looking backstage at the circus, seeing some ballroom dancers, seeing how and when the tower was built and looking at some photographs of the tower in Victorian times.

Our next stop was Jungle Jims, where the clas enjoyed a huge game of tig!  Sadly Jason and Kieran were too tall to join in so they enjoyed a Slush Puppy instead!

We ate lunch in the ballroom and were able to watch some great dancing, along with a few dances on the balcony ourselves.

After lunch we watched a 4D film about Blackpool…..which was BRILLIANT!

Finally we braved the dungeons!  It was a scary experience but well worth it!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-11-2014

Year 6 transformed Pringles tubes, this Christmas, into some festive chocolate truffle boxes.

Don’t they look great!

Christmas Disco

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-11-2014

No primary school Christmas would be complete without a Christmas disco!