Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2014/15

Where’s Denver?

Posted by Mr Waywell on Aug-3-2015

Year 6 have now left Holy Family…here is what they looked like when they started!

What me whip!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-24-2015

I’ll try to work out how to put the infant film on the blog.  While you wait, you can enjoy a highlight from our leaver’s party!


Goodbye Year 6

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-24-2015

This week was the last for our Year 6 class!

It was nice to see at the leavers assembly how many great memories you have of your time at Holy Family!

We had a few tears (more from parents and Mrs Whitmore) which shows that we have a fantastic year!

You have been an AMAZING class and I really have loved teaching you this year.  We will all miss you very much!

Come back and see us or check out our blog to remind you of some of our times in Year 6.

Mr W

Year 6 Funk

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-23-2015

North Shore Golf Club

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-14-2015

A BIG thank you to North Shore Golf club, especially Curtis and Vanda for organising our golf lessons this term!

After our weekly lessons we visited the golf course today to practice our skills.  Everyone has shown a huge improvement and we had a few ‘hole in ones’!

Darwen Tower

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-12-2015

Today was our last walking club…sob sob!

The group voted on walking up to Jubilee Tower at Darwen again.

On the walk we:

  • Got stuck in lots of traffic
  • Saw some horses
  • Fed some Shetland ponies
  • Climbed a very steep part of the hill
  • Climbed the tower
  • Ate lunch (without freezing this time!)

Down at the bottom the group were re-united with the pond.  Here it wasn’t just Filip who got soaking wet, everyone was in splashing around!  After lots of splashing and a water slide the fun turned to mud…and a mud fight!

We left the walk very muddy, very wet and with huge smiles!  A great end to a great year of walking club!

Horrible Histories

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-12-2015

On Friday night Year 6 visited the Grand Theatre to watch Horrible Histories – Incredible Invaders.

All dressed up smart we sat on the row behind the front.  The show was really funny with an amazing 3D section in part 2!

What did you think?

What made you laugh the most?

Year 6 Play

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-9-2015

Tonight you all were AMAZING!  I think so, the teachers said so and all of the parents that I talked to agreed too (though many were still wiping away tears!)

Did you enjoy yourselves?

Blackpool Tower

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-9-2015

Not many pictures from the Tower visit, though that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t great!

We did the 4D cinema, the amazing circus and the scary dungeons!

I loved them all, how about you?

Year 6 Water Fight

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-9-2015

Did you enjoy our water fight? It was a long time waiting for some sunny weather!

Check out Joe and Lorenzo!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-3-2015

Fun Night

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2015

Thanks to all Year 6s who took part, stayed to help or just spent some money to help raise money for charity on our fun night!


Going to the Flicks

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2015

Do you remember our visit to the cinema to remember those who fought in WW1 and WW2?

Don’t forget to go on Radio Lancashire so that you can here our interview!

IMG 6158 300x225 Going to the Flicks IMG 6157 300x225 Going to the Flicks

Water Park

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2015

I found some pics from our visit!  Would you like to go back?

IMG 6141 300x225 Water Park IMG 6142 300x225 Water Park IMG 6143 300x225 Water Park IMG 6140 300x225 Water Park

Don’t forget your PE shirt!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jul-2-2015

IMG 6156 300x225 Dont forget your PE shirt!

Water Park – The last day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-19-2015

A HUGE well done to Year 6 for their week at Water Park!

  • You achieved some amazing things
  • Really pushed your confidence to do things that scared you
  • Didn’t complain when being asked to do things
  • Approached things with fun
  • Treated the instructors with respect

Overall it has been a brilliant week and that is down to you all being a brilliant class!  I was very proud indeed and you should be very proud of yourselves!

Here is our last bunch of pictures! You’ll be able to see the rest of them at school when we make our leavers books!

P.S.  Don’t forget your socks for sock monkeys!

Water Park Day 4 – Photos

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-18-2015

Water Park Day 4

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-18-2015

Day 4 began with some tired children sleeping until 7:30 (it was 6:15 on Monday!)

Pink Team:

The morning activity was sailing for the pink team.  After being towed half way up the lake the children learned how to set up their boats and how to sail! With this skill they navigated the lake zig-zag fashion as the wind could not make its mind up which way to blow!  Most of the group rose to the challenge and kept their boats upright and sailing gracefully!  The group then returned to base for a quick spot of lunch.  Then after a vote, wind-surfing won as the afternoon activity.  Everyone loved wind-surfing and most managed to stand up with their sails and cross the lake.  A few laughs occurred when some of the group were blown into some very muddy areas!

Yellow Team:

Yellow Team’s journey day was a mountain walk.  As the group have risen to every challenge set this week, they were given the new challenge of walking to the top of Scafell Pike (the highest mountain in England at a whopping 978m high!) The group were brilliant and embraced what was a very strenuous walk!  Even the wind and rain didn’t darken their spirits as they headed up into the clouds and managed to reach the top!  A very proud bunch of lads (with tired feet) then made their way back down the mountain to drive back to the park.

Green Team:

Today was the Green Team’s journey day. They sailed the whole of Coniston Lake (five and a half miles!) The girls were great and worked hard.  Along the way they sang a few tunes until a huge gust of wind whipped the boats onto their sides…thankfully the girls managed to save themselves and no-one fell in the water!  (Though Casey did lose a hat!) Half way they arrived at the beach and the group stopped for a picnic lunch before sailing the rest of the lake.  At the end of the lake the girls departed at Coniston where they had an ice cream and watched the ducks!

Blue Team:

Blue team began with a climb. They canoed across the lake then walked up to a crag face.  Here they harnessed up ready to do some climbing.  Everyone was very brave and gave it a good attempt.  (Really nice to hear all of the encouraging comments too!)  After lunch the group went back on the lake for a spot of sailing.  The girls took to it quickly and managed to zig-zag a good way up the lake towards Peel Island were they landed on the beach.  They then sailed back and packed the boats away for the last time L

Tea was roast dinner…and was delicious!

Tonight is our awards night followed by a disco in the lounge!

Water Park Day 3 – Photos

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-17-2015

Water Park Day 3

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-17-2015

Day 3 has been another successful day at Water Park and the children have all enjoyed themselves!  We began the day with breakfast and much more effective at making breakfast!


Yellow Team:

We began the day sailing.  After being towed to the centre of the lake, the group were shown the basics and how to set up their boats.  Dylan and Sheick didn’t even last the instructions before falling off the boat!  Once we were all ready the group set sail across Lake Coniston, picking up some good speed along the way.  Well done to Tyler, Dylan C and Kyi for manage to stay aboard without capsizing!  After a few hours the group sailed back to a jetty and spent some time jumping into the lake!

In the afternoon the plan was to climb outdoors however the rain put an end to this and we ended up climbing inside. The group got to do several climbs around the room, challenging themselves to climb using the least holds possible.  Finally the group were asked to do a foot free challenge as they pulled themselves across the top course of the climbing wall, some more successful than others!


Pink Group:

Today was Pink Group’s journey day. They began the day with a drive to Cathedral Cavern.  Here the group saw some volcanic rock as they made their way to the cave entrance. Inside the first cave there was a huge room held up by a single huge pillar, there from miners many years ago!  Here the group stopped and had their lunch.  Inside the cave was a pond with two Goldfish (the group named Romeo and Juliet).  Whilst at the pond, the group played throwing stone game, Kuba was the best with his aim.

After the game and lunch, the group walked up to the top of a cliff where most got to show how brave they were by abseiling down.    At the bottom was another cave but this time it had no light so the children had to walk in with candles.   They learned the path as they walked through so that when they reached the end they could link hands, blow their candles out and feel their way back to the entrance.

The adults then left the group with instructions of how to get to the mini bus; they then had to do this on their own!  Once at the bus, the team headed back to Water Park, stopping for an ice cream on the way!


Blue Group:

Today was blue group’s journey day. We all began the day by going to the lake and getting into the canoe one by one to set off and start the adventure ahead of us. We all started rowing forwards and shared some tips on how to canoe between ourselves and Campbell (our instructor) also shared a few tips and we were soon canoeing like professionals! We got a few paces away from the shore but then we were all tired so we relied fully on the muscles of the teachers!

We saw a few interesting things on the way and also Campbell told us loads of facts, we saw a small house and we said random guesses on how much it sold for and Campbell said that it sold for a whopping 70,000! We travelled for a few more minutes and the stopped on peel island to have a quick rest. Peel Island was a natural island with so much trees and roots. While we were there we played sardines which was really fun (Mrs Pearce had the best hiding spot) we were very cold and luckily Campbell had packed us some treats – hot chocolate! We drank that up in second then got back into the canoe to go and stop somewhere to have lunch.

After lunch we all set off for a three mile walk, it went on forever!!! On the walk Sophie had hold of the que cards and Natalie tripped over a bridge and knocked them out of her hands and they fell through the bridge.

When we finished the walk we got ice cream, it was delicious!! And Jimmy, a man that works for Water Park came and picked us up in the mini bus.

It was a great, but tiring day.


Green Group:

Today we had a fantastic day which could never be replaced! We were amazed of how much fun we had. First of all we kayaked down most of the lake, and then we played some great games in the middle of the lake! Like we had to try and tap other people’s kayaks and the last person standing wins! We also went onto the jetty with our kayaks and Mr Wing pushed us off. There must’ve been over 6 people that screamed when going down! It was great fun. Mrs McAllister was so mean to Nikita and Casey. All she did was push people off and splashed the two girls tremendously.

When we eventually got back to shore we got off our kayaks, with some very wet girls, we went to have our lunch. Natalia, Jessica, Amelia and Beth went absolutely crazy. They couldn’t stop laughing and they definitely got the giggles! For lunch we had some delicious sandwiches (that everyone made on their own) and some scrumptious chocolate muffins!

Next we went sailing. We were so excited because no one had ever sailed before and all they boys in the yellow group said how amazing it was. It took us a while to get the boats all ready (no one really knew how to do it!) Now we got straight into the water two people in each boat, and then we sailed off into the clear blue water. It was great fun people splashing water at each other, Mrs McAllister still trying to get Nikita and Casey really wet! People were turning and others were going really slow! Altogether it was a great day and we were excited for the next day to come and more great things to do!


Sausage, chips and beans for tea with sticky toffee pudding for dessert.  The class are now out playing hide and seek in the grounds (whilst trying to avoid midgies!)

Again, thank you for the comments.  I will get some pictures on by 9pm.