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Spy Academy Day 2 – Photos

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-6-2015

Spy Academy Day 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-6-2015

Today was our second day at our Spy Academy.

The plan was to wake up for 7:30pm so that we were in time for breakfast.  This didn’t happen, some girls were up at 5, others up and downstairs at 6 and by 6:30 the majority of the class were sat downstairs (pretending to be awake even if they didn’t look it!)

Breakfast was a full English…delicious!

Mr Wing and Mr Waywell’s groups began the day with some raft building.  Here we learned how to tie knots to secure ropes and then had to set sail across a canal to rescue a teacher!  The boats were successful…not as much could be said about the paddling of Mr Wing’s group!

Mrs Whitmore’s group were caving.  Here they were showed how to enter and move around an underground cave.  Armed with head torches and a full water proof outfit they squeezed, slid, crawled, crabbed and splashed through the cave (all saying it was very good fun!)

In the afternoon Mr Wing’s group went abseiling over a 90ft viaduct!  Congratulations to all of the group who faced their fear, went over the edge and completed the abseil!

Mr Waywell’s group visited the caves from earlier.  They moved their way successfully too however took much more of a liking to the mud and were far more dirty than the first group!  At one point the instructor told them that natural mud from caves is full of minerals and good for the skin…no sooner had he finished than the group had smeared it all over their faces!

Mrs Whitmore’s group took part in raft building.  The group agreed that it was lots of fun though found the strength needed for tying ropes a little too much (they were the girls who were up at 5am!)  Not to worry, they completed their raft after an hour, rescued Mrs Whitmore and then “accidentally” fell in the canal!

We’ve now just finished tea, eaten more sweets from the tuck shop and our about to crack some spy codes!

Spy Academy Day 1 Photos

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-5-2015

Edale Day 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-5-2015

After a successful journey, Year 6 began their first day at Edale YHA.

Our first task was to find our bedrooms and make our own beds (don’t let the children pretend that they cannot do it when they get back home!)

Next was a briefing about being secret spies and we were each encouraged to create our own secret code names.  A few favourite names were, Magic Pony, Zooming Fly, Lovely Nanny Goat, Dinkie Whale and Ginger Worm!

Armed with new names the three groups ventured out for some “ice-breaking” games.  (Many were confused at the lack of ice in these activities!)  Highlights of the games included:

  • Wellie Wanging
  • Human Knots
  • Mushi Mushi
  • Bean race
  • A moo off
  • Monkey football
  • Shrinking circle

Tea was a choice of jacket potato, BBQ chicken or curry.  Everyone ate well (though still room for sweets straight after!)

We’re off on an evening spy activity now!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-5-2015

Here we are at  the YHA Edale!  We arrived in good time (without anyone being sick) and are now making our beds and unpacking ready for some ice-breaker activities at 3pm.

Are you excited yet?

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-1-2015

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Gary the Sumo Wrestler

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-1-2015

Gary the Sumo visited Year 6 today! He was celebrating becoming the oldest sumo wrestler in the world!

Did you like him? Was he a deserved champion?

IMG 4576 e1443729473833 225x300 Gary the Sumo Wrestler

Infant Tour

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Year 6 Money

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School Tour

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Over this half term, one of our writing focuses is recounts.

We will be looking at writing newspaper reports, T.V. reports, diaries and blogs.  As blogs was our first focus, we decided to turn them into our first VLOGS (maybe we have some budding vloggers!)

Watch our videos and decide for yourself!


Nicky Nook

Posted by Mr Waywell on Sep-20-2015

Today was the first of our monthly walking clubs and 18 pupils from Year 6 spent the day walking up Nicky Nook.

The day began with a bus drive to Scorton.  Once we arrived we had a toilet stop then set off up the hill.  Although some of us where a little tired half way up, the views at the top were well worth it!

During the day we:

  • Ran up and down the hill
  • Had some lunch surrounded by sheep poo
  • Ran away as Mr Waywell kicked sheep poo at the girls
  • Climbed to the top of a rock structure
  • Picked and ate lots of blackberries
  • Climbed trees
  • Watched as Lucy got herself stuck in an a pool of mud and poo
  • Raced each other crawling through tubes
  • Jumped in puddles
  • Chased poor sheep
  • Played on a very fun park!

All in all the day was a success and I think that everyone will be back for next month’s trip!