Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2014/15

Cheese Challenge

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-22-2014

After a day learning about how to make cheese, Year 6 spent the afternoon taking part in a cheese challenge.  The aim to try lots of different cheeses and see who was brave enough to try the stinkiest cheeses!

Well done to the class for trying the different ones, almost everyone completed the challenge and tried all of the cheeses on offer!

Which was your favourite?  Worse?

Cheese Factory

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-22-2014

Today we visited the Cheese makers at Dewlay on Garstang Rd.

We began the trip with a look around the museum seeing what tools would have been used to make cheese in the past.

After a drink and a biscuit, we then learned how to make cheese by hand.

Step 1:  Add pasteurized milk to a container

Step 2:  Add some culture (good bacteria like we discussed in science!)

Step 3:  Add some rennet (vegetarian for ours)

Step 4:  Cut the cheese (already it had started to turn solid!)

Step 5:  Put the mixture into a muslin and squeeze out all of the liquid (whey)…very messy indeed!

Step 6:  Empty the solid (curds) from the muslin and crumble with your fingers.

Step 7:  Add some salt

Step 8:  Put the substance in a truckle and press it down to squeeze out more liquid

Step 9:  Take out the cheese and put it in the fridge for a few weeks…done!

After making our own cheese we got to see how the process happened in the factory.

Finally we were showed how to taste some different cheeses (squeeze it in your hand to make it room temperature and release the smell then eat it!)

All in all a great day out! What did you think?

Health Week: Day 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-22-2014

This morning the dentist came to talk to us about keeping our smiles shiny and white!  We learned about sugar in food and drinks, how to brush our teeth and the causes of gum disease.

It’s great to try new types of food so that we can learn about new things that we might like. Year 6 had to decide on their favourite fruit, in the afternoon,  marking them for appearance, smell and taste.

We tried: pineapple, kiwi, coconut, pomegranate, papaya, blueberries, apricot, olives, avocado, mango, figs and passion fruit!

First Aid

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-22-2014

This week is Health Week in school, a week filled with different ways to stay healthy, chances to try new foods and extra exercise.

Monday began with a wake and shake led by Miss Linton.

In English Year 6 added a little exercise with some Kung Fu punctuation!

In the afternoon, the school nurse team met with the class and taught us some basic first aid. We learned how to call 999, how to put someone into the recovery position (Help Miss, “My ear’s sore and I need a wee!”) and finally how to put on a sling.

A great first day!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-19-2014

Don’t cry!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-14-2014

I don’t want you all to cry but you may want to watch this science video again!

Angles Homework

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-14-2014

In case you need some help with your homework!

Charlotte’s Worship

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-14-2014

Here is the super-cute film that Charlotte chose for her class worship!

Minecraft After School Club

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-13-2014

Rivington Pike

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-12-2014

This month’s walking club was to Rivington Pike.

Silly Sock Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-12-2014

Friday was silly sock/hat day in school to raise money for Cafod.  Year 6 all put in the effort and donated money to charity so that we raised £29 for Cafod! Well done folks…you looked ace!

IMG 4588 300x225 Silly Sock Day


Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-12-2014

Look what we’ve been growing in science!

The task was to find the best place to grow mould as we continue to learn about microorganisms!

Get Well Soon Mrs Whitmore!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-12-2014

IMG 4582 300x225 Get Well Soon Mrs Whitmore!

Maths Mansion: Finding the perimeter

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-7-2014

More maths fun here as we find the perimeter! Watch it, it will help with those compound shapes!

Maths Mansion: Finding the area of rectangles.

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-7-2014

More learning fun with Maths Mansion!

Check out the area of rectangles video!

REMEMBER: We’re using the word ‘width’ instead of ‘breadth’.

Baking Bread

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-7-2014

As part of our science topic we are looking at how useful microbes are…what a great excuse to bake some bread!

Armed only with a recipe, Year 6 had to follow the instructions and bake their own bread.  Mrs Whitmore baked some without yeast so that we could taste and see the difference.

What was yours like?  Did you like the non-yeast one?

Did you like baking?  Would you like to bake again?

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-2-2014

Another film about poo (just for Reshma!), this time it’s Victorian poo!

Judges Lodgings – Mrs Whitmore’s Group

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-2-2014

Judges Lodgings – Mr Waywell’s group

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-1-2014

Judges Lodgings

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-1-2014

Today Year 6 visited the Judges Lodgings at Lancaster.

The day began with a great start as Year 6 got stuck into the theme by dressing up in Victorian outfits.  We then zipped up to Lancaster in the mini buses.

Once at Lancaster we split into groups and accessed four different workshops:

1)  Victorian School Room:  We sat at Victorian desks and completed some tasks that a child might have completed in school at the time.

2)  Kitchen:  As trainee kitchen staff, we learned to polish, clean and set the tables for the rich house owners!

3)  Toys:  We got to play with a range of toys that Victorian children would have played with

4)  Victorian Cottage:  After seeing how grand the Judge’s house was, we got to see the opposite end of the scale in a very small and basic cottage.  We learned how to make rugs, light fires, wash clothes and lots more (including using wee to get rid of stains and head lice!)

Thanks to the staff at Lancaster who made it a great day and to Year 6 for once again making representing Holy Family in a way to make us all proud!