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Easter Egg Fun

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-11-2011

 With the Easter Holidays approaching.  School held it’s annual egg decorating competition.  As ever, Year 6 put in the effort to create some amazing (and quite imaginative) pieces!  There were many highlights however the overall winner went to Beth with Greggs the Bakers!  There was so much minute detail from the clothes the egg assistants wore to the tiny little cakes that they were selling.   Well done Beth and everyone else for entering!  Very impressive effort from all!

Games Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-7-2011

Woo Woo to Year 6!  Yesterday on our games day we raised a whopping £109 for charity.  It was a messy and entertaining event indeed!  Tia and Jen had faces covered in jelly, Mr W proved he can down a pint in 2 seconds,  Mollie created a death trap with shaving foam, (after a slow start) Harry and Leon finally got someone to play chopsticks and jelly and after working hard all day,  Keir and Jack made an impressive loss of 21p!!

Well done to Kayla and Sarah for raising the most with almost £17.00 profit.