Year 6 @ Holy Family

Camping Fun
May 23, 2011, 1:57 pm
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To celebrate the end of SATS, Year 6 held another camp on the school field. 

It was nice to see that many of us had picked up a few skills in putting up tents from last time. (Particularly the girls!)  After a very windy and wet start we were ready for the BBQ.  I think Mrs Moreton’s prayers in morning assembly for nice weather worked a treat as from 6pm onwards the weather held nicely! 

Thanks to the PTFA for the new BBQ, it worked a treat in rustling up some burgers and sausages (with a nice vegi option for Sarah!) 

After tea it was time for a few serious (maybe not) team games.  Jumping over a spinning bottle certainly made Mr Waywell dizzy however revenge was sweet and he got his own back  in the water game.  10 spins around a rounders post and most of the class were falling over before they could even get to a cup of water! 

Next on the list was the chair game as the teams had to escape the crocodiles and snakes by crossing the river using only chairs.  This gave the teams real chance to bond as they were hugging and grabbing each other to ensure they didn’t fall off the chairs! 

Year 6 showed that they had talent as they entertained each other with a 2 minute performance which was followed by glow stick croquet and hockey.

Finally, a very tired class, sat around the fire sharing memories of the night and toasting marshmallows.  A good night had by all! (Even the teachers!)  

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