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Remember our work on evacuees? What do you think of this?

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-20-2011

More Pics from our trip

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-20-2011

Health Week Day 5

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-14-2011

In our final day we had loads of different activities.  We began with an assembly where we found out that Tyler, Athina and Lewis had broken some of yesterday’s school “World Records”. 

After some writing, maths was showing that we could  produce a graph.  Rather than hair colour or favourtie crisps, we got to taste some strange (yet healthy) foods and researched which was the most popular.  There were 11 foods to try, wasabi peas (a bit spicy), sugar snap peas, avocado, olives, gherkins, pasnip crisps, beetroot, pomegranate, figs, radishes and dried apricots.  The rule was that we could only pass on one item but the rest we had to try (a sick bucket was placed in the centre of the table!)  The clear winner were the parsnip crisps with olives ranking the lowest.  Well done everyone, including those fussy eaters, for trying everything without moaning! 

 After lunch the school nurses taught us all about the dangers of smoking.  Then, before Golden Time, we tried to beat a few more records (this time not so healthy).  The first was to eat 3 crackers quicker than 35 seconds.  Mr Waywell won this with a poor time of 1 minute 20.  Our second was to eat more than 12 marshmallows in a minute.  Jackson and William won this with a whopping 12 eaten!

All in all this has been an entertaining, enjoyable and action packed week were we have learned lots about how to keep our bodies healthy.  Thanks Miss Capoverde! 


Health Week Day 3

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-13-2011

Today we had a visit from the Environmental Education centre in Leyland.  This is part of a 3 part study of recycling and how mini-beasts and micro-organisms play their part.  It is good as it is what we are studying in science at the moment.  Today we learned how compost is made and what items decay so that we can put them in our compost bins.  We also learned about all of the creatures that help to create the compost.  We got to do lots of activities including creating our own raps.  Here are a few:

Number 1

Everything that grows,

Can be eaten by our foes,

Not sayin they’re our enemies,

Because they are our frenemies,

Get down!

Number 2

This and that, things that rot,

Put them all in a compost pot.

Leave them for another day,

and let those bugs munch away!

Number 3

If you wanna learn how to rot,

First of all get a compost pot.

The best things to rot are things from the ground,

Then you’re rotting dreams will be sound!

You gotta rot, rot, a rot rot rot!



Another cheesy song for Year 6!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-10-2011

Health Week Day 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-10-2011

Today was our first day in Health Week.  This week we will make a special effort to focus on how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.   We began today with a wake and shake.  This early morning exercise with Miss Linton is great for getting our minds working before the school day.  (With a little morning exercise we could all be as cheery as her in a morning!)

Our next session was a visit from the school nurses.  They talked to the class about a healthy and balanced diet.  We got the chance to organise food into the different food groups and to find out some shocking facts about how much sugar there is in many of the things we eat.

Using the facts, we got into groups where we planned a healthy 2 course meal.  We had to find recipes on the internet for something for lunch and a dessert (that had to include our 5 a day).  We then planned out a shopping list and a list of the equipment we would need.

After lunch we walked to Sainsburys where we got into our groups and had to buy the products.  We only had  a £7 budget so we had to work out the prices of items and make sure we did not over spend.  Lots of teamwork kept us focused and helped us to find the cheapest items to buy rather than the ones we found first.  After successfully finding all of the items we scanned and paid for our products before walking back to school.

Tommorow we’ll look at cooking our recipes!