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Mary’s Meals

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-11-2011

On Monday two members of the Mary’s Meals charity came to our school to launch our Christmas Backpack appeal.  Here we are encouraged to make a backpack that contains several items for school and some clothes. 

Most of the children who benefit from Mary’s Meals and the Backpack Project have suffered war, poverty, famine, or natural disaster. Very often families cannot afford to buy basic things like pencils and copy books, or even suitable clothes for their children to wear to school.   This means their children miss out on school and an education. A simple backpack with educational materials can be a lifeline to these children as studies show that an education is the best way a chronically poor child can escape poverty in later life.

Our Year 6 challenge is to make up 20 backpacks by Christmas.  (30 for a class party!) 

  1. Tyler lewis Said,


  2. Cora Said,

    Beneficial put up, I will be browsing back on a regular to hunt for improvements.

  3. rosemarie Said,

    i hope we will get more then 20

  4. maia Said,

    i can not wate to find out how meany we get!xxx

  5. maia Said,

    me to!xxx

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