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New recruits

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-2-2011

Today we had some visitors to our classroom.  In literacy we are writing newspaper reports and today we had some real important issues to write about.   Poor Trevor the tortoise had been thrown over on his shell; Baarbara the sheep was shaved and left freezing in the cold; Clive Mooer had his favourite bell stolen and things really wern’t going well for the Christmas elf.  I really hope they solve all of their problems though I’m glad they came to share them with us.

Woo woo! 13 Bags!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-2-2011

We’re really making progress on our Mary’s Meals target of 20 bags.

Well done everyone.  We’re still on the hunt for flip flops and sandals, pencil cases and pencil crayons.  Come on chaps, we can do this! The closing date is 12th December!

We can dance

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-1-2011

Miss Linton is working her magic and teaching Year 6 how to dance.  Hopefully we’ll be able to add a few videos soon of some impressive moves!