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Cracking Explanations

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-31-2012

As part of our literacy lessons on explanations we’ve been looking at some cracking inventions courtesy of Wallace and Gromit.  Which one is your favourite?  Why?


  1. dan (bad burke) Said,

    my faviroute one was the wake up one because if he wakes up gromit gets in a sheep suit and gets bounced up and to make wallace go to sleep.

  2. Tay Said,

    I loved all of them! X

  3. Ken Pline Said,

    Can I start a blog that has recording of poor customer service?

  4. Jennine Collymore Said,

    How do i insert a tag cloud into my blog @ blogspot? I try using the gadget choices but I can’t look for a 3rd party a single listed. Can someone make sure you show all of us where to get 1 and how to install it?.

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