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All my work is done!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-25-2012

Goodness, are we working too hard in Year 6?

Easter Party

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-15-2012

Year 6 celebrated Easter in style with a class party.  There where plenty of drinks, lots of snacks and quite a few DJs picking the tunes!  Boys versus girls in a dance off was very funny!  As well as Owen and Dan doing the worm and the boys embarassing Mrs Brayshaw doing ‘The Wiggle’, we finally saw Lewis and Amy being crowned our best dancers! (I wonder if they’ll enter Year 6 has got talent?)

To keep in the party spirit we also threw in a few party games, including forfeit pass the parcel!  Well done to all of those who did their forfeits!  We saw people hugging the head teacher; a few impressions; lots of ridiculous face paints; drinking lime juice; eating a whole creme egg; munching dry crackers.  Even the teachers had to do their forfeits!  (The photograph of Mr Waywell having to dress as the opposite gender has been deleted forever!)

Did you enjoy yourselves?


Egg Competition

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-15-2012

The annual egg competition was held in school.  Children had to take a boiled egg and transform it into something EGGstra spEGGcial.  This year the entries where at an EGGtastic standard with some brillEGGant contributions from YEGG 6.

Well done everyone, they’re EGGsellent!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-15-2012

In science over the next few weeks we are looking at making and drawing our own circuits building up to design a circuit to use in our river constructions.  (e.g, windmill, lighthouse etc.)

Looking at these initial thoughts from the class, I think we’ve a little way to go just yet.  Keep an eye out to see how much better we get!


WW2 Trip

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-7-2012

To support our World War 2 topic, Year 6 set off to visit the Lancashire Museum at Preston.  After boarding the coach we set forth on a much smoother journey than Castlerigg (no sick in sight!)

When we arrived we where escored into the museum where we were greeted by a very stict lady who made the class stand to attention and line up (with straight backs!)  She led us into a classroom where we learned about rationing, identification cards and how and when to use a gas mask.

The next station was to look at some artefacts from the war with the help of a very enthusiastic (and very loud) warden.  We saw things like helmets, gas masks for babies, a warden’s rattle (thanks for almost deafening me with it Jake!), some toys and even got to climb into a Morrison shelter.  One highlight was how he showed us a real air raid silence.  We’ve heard this on films and the internet but only close up could you appreciate how loud it was!

Moving on we learned about women’s role in the war and how working on the land was very important.  At this station we got to try on some war time uniforms, learned about Anderson Shelters and pretended to milk a cow (really squeezing water out of a rubber glove!)

Our final station was learning how to march like a soldier.  Armed with a training rifle, Year 6 had to stand to attention, change the position of the gun and march.  It all looked very impressive indeed.  I wonder why we can’t do this after playtimes instead of the wobbly lines that Year 6 are used to?

After our last station we all met in the hall to sing a few wartime classics.  What a fun end to the morning!

When we left the museum we realised that the coach driver had driven away with our lunch!  After waiting for him to bring them back we ate and then spent the rest of the day doing a photo quiz in the Harris Museum.

The Amazing Paper Man!

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-7-2012

Today in assembly a man came to visit to demonstrate how paper can be used to make decorations.  This was not just your bog standard paper chain seen over Christmas but an AMAZING variety of different patterns and flowers.  The whole school gasped in awe as he took a few sheets of paper, rolled them and cut some bits out to reveal a 3D lotus flower.  BRILLIANT!

Secret Agent

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-7-2012

Anyone remember this secret agent from spy week?

Road Safety

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-6-2012

The road safety team were in school today.  After sharing lots of useful advice with the class, our officer demonstrated why it is so important for all of us to wear a seat belt when we ae travelling in a car.  With the help of some crash dummies and a car, it was easy to see what happens when you don’t wear your seatbelt!

Irriversible Changes – Heating

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-6-2012

Continuing our irriversible science topic, today’s lesson was seeing what happens if you heat items.  Armed with a candle, a spoon and a tray (to reduce the mess) the class had to make predictions of what they thought items would look like after being heated.

What can you remember? Which where the messiest?

Bombs Away

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-6-2012

Sometimes a spy needs a little explosive help to get into unknown buildings.  Using our knowledge from our irriversible changes topic in science, Year 6 decided to make their own.  All you need is  a camera film cannister and a few cheap ingredients.

Rocket (bomb) one – Fizzy tablet in the lid then add water.  Put the lid on an wait…

Rocket (bomb) two – Bicarbonate of soda in  the lid, add vinegar and (quickly) put the lid on and wait!

Which one was your favourite?

Book Quiz

Posted by Mr Waywell on Apr-6-2012

For a little fun on our book day, the evil queen from Snow White ran a book quiz.  Questions revolved around characters and themes from well known children’s books.