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Aaargh! What happened to the biscuits?

Posted by Mr Waywell on May-3-2012

My goodness all 3 brand new packets of biscuits came out of the packet like this!  Should I complain?  What do you think?  (Or is their another culprit?)

  1. Charlotte♥ Said,

    The Bourbons Look Ok

  2. josh Said,

    i think you should complain

  3. emily Said,

    tut tut tut so bad xxxx

  4. Rebecca Said,

    Hehe but we’ve ate them ?? …

  5. Cait's Said,

    Oooooops what have i done!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  6. dan Said,

    well i ate alot of those buiscuits but i werent the only one

  7. Tay Said,

    They look good ( and yummy ) x

  8. Athina Said,

    Oh well biscuits are biscuits xx

  9. DAN Said,


  10. Mr Waywell Said,

    Sorry, I’ll have to tell you when we get to school. They’re on my computer.

  11. william Said,

    nooooooo!! not the biscuits!! its the end of the world

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