Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

Christmas Dinner

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-4-2013

Hooooooray for Christmas!  Our Christmas meal is a fun part of getting ready for Christmas.  This year it was a good one indeed (according to many comments from Year 6) and the option of seconds was a good change.  Maybe some people (Drew) could have held back (7 slices of turkey!) Ho Ho Ho!

  1. Alexandra Said,

    It was a great Christmas dinner this year I think it is the best I have ever had

  2. evil ella Said,

    The christmas dinner was really nice.

  3. evil ella Said,

    It was the best i ever had.

  4. Louse Said,

    I love the Christmas dinner my best part was the turkey I had 3 pices

  5. Alexandra Said,

    I love the oranges or tangarines

  6. Alexandra Said,

    Why do we always get tangerines for Christmas dinner

  7. Alexandra Said,

    Are tangerines Christmassy?

  8. Alexandra Said,

    I absolutely love the pigs in blankets

  9. Alexandra Said,

    Everyone was all wearing Christmas hats in our class

  10. Alexandra Said,

    Happy new year

  11. Alexandra Said,

    It was extra special Christmas because no one was sad just happy

  12. Alexandra Said,

    This was my best Christmas dinner even better then the one at my house and my mum does a good Christmas dinner

  13. Alexandra Said,

    I am so sad that I missed the school Christmas Carol you get ten bucks and a Christmas cracker

  14. harry Said,

    I loved the christmas dinner

  15. Mai Said,

    I carnt believe I was ill on that day I’m so upset i missed my last Xmas dinner at primary school:-(

  16. joe Said,

    i loved that hair clip

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