Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19


Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-4-2013

As you can see from our blog, Year 6 like to go on quite a few school trips!  Our next one was the Grundy Art Gallery.  For many of us, this was the first time that we had visited a gallery and was a great opportunity to see what the display are like.

We left first thing in the morning to walk along the prom into town (singing a 12 days of Christmas a lot of the way!)  Once at the gallery, we looked at the exhibition of Canadian artist Kelly Richardson.   She works with digital technologies to create hyper-real landscapes.  Our task was to look at each piece of work and then talk about what we thought Kelly was trying to show us.  It was great that as a class we had so many imaginative yet different ideas.   Check out Kelly’s website here to see some of her pictures.

After the exhibition we moved upstairs to take part in a piece of group art work based on the display.  We helped add our own images to a huge canvas and also designed trees for a miniature forest.

After lunch and an enjoyable trip, we sang our way back to school again!

Any thoughts anyone?


  1. Louise Said,

    I loved the art gallery it was really fun

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