Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

Santa Dash

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-4-2013

Ho Ho Ho!

After 5 weeks of cross country, what better way to end it than with our own santa dash.

Festive hat = hot chocolate with marshmallows and biscuits on the side

Year 6 must love their food and drink as everyone wore their own Christmas hat.

  1. Alexandra Said,

    We were out of breath but we still had a laugh like Patryk wearing his weird tinsel hat that was funny

  2. Alexandra Said,

    Did you see how much cream jasmine had on her hot chocolate and she ate it all

  3. evil ella Said,

    i liked cross country

  4. evil ella. Said,

    the hot chocolate waws the best i ever had.

  5. Louise Said,

    I was out of breath and I wanted to Clasp on the ground but I did it all my best

  6. Louise Said,

    Guess what it is my cousin is coming to my mums birthday .

  7. Alexandra Said,

    It was funny because when you were running you could see loads of Christmas hats

  8. Aleandra Said,

    Why did the cross country stop I started to like it

  9. Alexandra Said,

    Everyone was doing great at cross country a really achievement

  10. Alexandra Said,

    I can’t believe patryk wore that tinsel hat it was all over the place

  11. Alexandra Said,

    Did you see jasmines elf hat it has elf ears and everything

  12. jordan Said,

    i was soooo soooo cold but the hot choc warmed me up lol (^^^)

  13. caitlin Said,

    yum hot chocolates xxxxxxx

  14. joe Said,

    Mr waywell makes the best hot chocolate

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