Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

More Irreversible Changes

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-10-2013

This time our task was to look a little further into dissolving.  Today, instead of just dissolving in water, we dissolved bicarbonate of soda and washing powder into vinegar and lemon juice.

After completing the task, Mr Waywell decided to see what happened if you do them on a larger scale.

The answer………..everyone in the class gets covered in a frothy vinegar based substance!  (We smelled bad!)

  1. Spam Said,

    That was so cool i loved it. That was really high

  2. caitlin Said,

    we did this in year 6 and year 5 aswell

  3. CAITLIN Said,

    i loved doing this

  4. Ella Said,

    I sprained my wrist:( That went really high:)

  5. Rianna Said,

    That was the funniest science lesson I’ve ever done

  6. joe Said,

    that was the best science test ever or das war das beste Science-Test immer

  7. Maci moo Said,

    It literally exploded it got all over me … Lol

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