Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

Half Term

Posted by Mr Waywell on Feb-19-2013



Hi everyone!  How is your half term going?  Anyone doing anything fun?  Share your ideas here.

  1. Rianna Said,

    It’s been good don’t wanna,go back to school though ahahaha joking

  2. joe Said,

    ich liebe Jahre sechs es war genial

  3. joe Said,

    sorry i ment i love year six it’s been awesome

  4. joe Said,

    Mr Waywells the best teacher ever or Herr Waywells den besten Lehrer überhaupt

  5. louise Said,

    i have been to alton towers and been sick 2 times ha ha ha ha

  6. arlene Said,

    i had chicken curry all day awsome

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