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The Grand

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-28-2013

Our third visit for our local history topic was to the Grand Theatre.

Here we were shown around by Geoff and Linda, two great tour guides who knew so much about the Grand.  They were so enthusiastic that they made the trip really interesting and helped us to learn lots about the theatre.

We were able to see all of the different places, including:

  • Up in the (very high) ‘Gods’ seats
  • The royal box
  • The stalls
  • The dressing rooms
  • Up at the top of the stage (with all the lights and ropes!)
  • Under the stage

and on stage, where the set of “The Mousetrap” was all set up so that we could see the costumes and props.

What did you think of the trip?

  1. Holly Said,

    Hi mr waywell, im struggling witht he homework, i struggled with the maths on the weekend and im struggling today with outr crosswrods :/ I keep needing help? 🙂

  2. Mr Waywell Said,

    Just try your best. We’ll go through the homework in class if you’re stuck.

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