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Elfed at Film Club

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-13-2013

Here is one of this week’s videos from Film Club.

  1. katie1234 Said,

    hi Mr waywell sorry to bother you but my bearded dragon has been sick but it was like water with bubbles in it I have phoned the vet but the only reptile place is in saint annes so I thought maybe you would know do you think she is dehydrated or something like that im really scared and don’t know what to do cos the vet shuts at 12 but we cant get there on time cos of the pub and stuff she looks alright now but do you think she would be ok my mum said to ask you because you have 2 has ant and Dec ever acted like this but there is a pet store across the road so im gonna get a UV light for her?

  2. jack Said,

    The video was harlios sorry for late notice?.

  3. jack Said,

    Video amazing lol.

  4. Maria Said,

    LoL! So funny!
    Hi Mr Waywell I can’t wait for water park!!!!!

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