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Garstang Walk

Sunday’s walk to Garstang was the muddiest yet!

We set off as normal to Garstang with a bus and a car (3 new members!)  This week we also had a guest appearance from Miss Capoverde!

After arriving at Garstang, we set off on a walk through some really muddy fields.  Thankfully the weather was good again (we are SO lucky!)

Along the way we:

  • Saw a horse gallop past us
  • Dezzie scared some cows
  • Callum and Leon lost shoes (and socks)
  • Mr Waywell had to get on his hands and knees in the mud to dig out the shoes
  • We had a very cold lunch break
  • We got shouted at by a farmer
  • We saw a castle ruin (that didn’t look like a castle)
  • But more than anything, we got REALLY muddy!

Roll on next month!