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Water Park Day 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-30-2014

We arrived safe and sound at around 11am (the bus only got lost once!)

After staring in awe at the huge mansion that is to be our home, children had time to pack then some sandwiches for lunch.

After dinner each team found a different place in the park and played some team-building games e.g. balancing  a board, climbing a wall or a water carrying challenge.

The next activity was raft building.  In the same teams the children helped to build their own raft and then set sail into Lake Coniston.  There were a few games along the way, a race and plenty of barrels falling from the rafts causing the children (and staff) to fall in.

Pizza and wedges was for tea with a very delicious banoffee pie for dessert!

The class are having a great time and as I type I can see them running around and laughing in a field opposite.

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