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October 28, 2014, 8:55 pm
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To end health week, Year 6 had a day of cooking.

In Sainsburys each group had to find their way around the supermarket and buy all of the ingredients that they needed, checking that they were not going over-budget!  With all the shopping found, some groups even self-scanned their own shopping!  Well done to the whole class…you represented the school well and many members of the public commented on how much fun you looked like you were having and how polite you were (one also said it is why I have grey hair!)

Back in class each group go on with their cooking, Year 6 style they had to do this on their own with only a little help on how to use a sharp knife and using a hob to  cook food.  Everyone worked really hard and produced some great food!

Among the meals we had:

– homemade burgers

– eton mess

– vegetable pasta

– fruit salad

– oatmeal biscuits

– cheese pasta

and lots more!

What a great way to end a great week!

October 28, 2014, 8:29 pm
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As it was SATS in the morning, Year 6 decided to bake in the afternoon.  We made flapjacks and Mars Bar cakes.

Which was your favourite?

Cheese Challenge
October 22, 2014, 5:09 pm
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After a day learning about how to make cheese, Year 6 spent the afternoon taking part in a cheese challenge.  The aim to try lots of different cheeses and see who was brave enough to try the stinkiest cheeses!

Well done to the class for trying the different ones, almost everyone completed the challenge and tried all of the cheeses on offer!

Which was your favourite?  Worse?

Cheese Factory
October 22, 2014, 5:02 pm
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Today we visited the Cheese makers at Dewlay on Garstang Rd.

We began the trip with a look around the museum seeing what tools would have been used to make cheese in the past.

After a drink and a biscuit, we then learned how to make cheese by hand.

Step 1:  Add pasteurized milk to a container

Step 2:  Add some culture (good bacteria like we discussed in science!)

Step 3:  Add some rennet (vegetarian for ours)

Step 4:  Cut the cheese (already it had started to turn solid!)

Step 5:  Put the mixture into a muslin and squeeze out all of the liquid (whey)…very messy indeed!

Step 6:  Empty the solid (curds) from the muslin and crumble with your fingers.

Step 7:  Add some salt

Step 8:  Put the substance in a truckle and press it down to squeeze out more liquid

Step 9:  Take out the cheese and put it in the fridge for a few weeks…done!

After making our own cheese we got to see how the process happened in the factory.

Finally we were showed how to taste some different cheeses (squeeze it in your hand to make it room temperature and release the smell then eat it!)

All in all a great day out! What did you think?

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