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Beacon Fell

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-30-2015

This months walking club was based around Beacon Fell.

As it was a very wet day, Mr Waywell decided to change the plan to walk up Pendle Hill and to visit Beacon Fell instead. Here he ensured everyone that they would be doing a short walk in the rain and that they could leave their lunches back on the bus…how wrong he was!

The walk was very muddy and within only  a few steps Nikita had fallen over!  As Mrs Whitehead led the way we:

  • Found an egg
  • Learned from Beth that you can tell if something is dead because it is heavier
  • Fell over
  • Walked through a very muddy track
  • Fell over some more
  • Jumped in puddles
  • Followed an instruction that said “Look for a tree near a bush” when we were in a field full of trees and bushes
  • Picked some daffodils
  •  Fell over even more
  • Jumped in puddles
  • Saw some cows
  • Scared some sheep
  • Talked to some lambs (who were saying “mummy”)
  • Fell down some muddy hills
  • Fell up some muddy hills

Finally we made our way back and had lunch in a nice warm us.  Then for some we ventured into the woods for a few games of man-hunt whilst for others they opted for the warm cafe and hot-chocolate!

This was indeed one of the wettest and muddiest so far…yet still lots of fun!

(The photos that are in order show a pretty impressive puddle jump!)

Science Rocket 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-7-2015

The spies made their own rockets using dissolving tablets or bicarb and vinegar.

Did yours work? Which worked the best?

Book Day Wake and Shake

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-7-2015


Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-7-2015

Map-reading is an important skill for every spy!

Year 6 put their skills to the test with some orienteering.

Spy Week

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-7-2015

As it was World Book Day this Thursday, school celebrated with a book week.

Year 6 became spies and all of the week’s lessons had some spy related theme!

Master Spies