Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19


Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-15-2015

This month our Walking Club took us to Skippol Creek and the Stannah Estuary.

We began the day with dreadful weather with the teachers thinking that we would have to finish the walk early and many of the group deciding not to come and join in the walk.

Thankfully the weather did clear up and we were able to walk for the full day. Along the way we:

  • Met and stroked some horses
  • Saw Noah’s Ark
  • Found a dead Tigger
  • Jumped in puddles (LOTS of them!)
  • Played on the park
  • Screamed when Mr W pushed us too high on the swing
  • Made Mrs A-S’s dog very muddy indeed!
  • Waded through a pond
  • Played on the baby park
  • Splashed each other with water

All in all another successful trip that we ended with our customary visit to an ice cream shot (even if it was freezing outside!)


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