Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

Games Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Mar-23-2016

Well done to Year 6 for today’s games day!

The class planned and organised their own games, rules, posters and prizes so that they could run an Easter fair for the rest of the school as one of the school’s Lenten Enterprises.

Along the day there were:

  • Bobbing apples
  • Football games
  • A lucky dip that sold out before break
  • Raffle tickets hidden in peas
  • Lots of people with eggy hair
  • Sweet and food tasting
  • Bowling, tin cans and cup stacking
  • Water drinking
  • Buzzer game and many many more…

In total the class raised a whopping £175!


Well done to Ella, Keela and Sasha for raising the most profit…£43.79!

A few of you wanted to know how much profit you made. Here are the totals:

Fletcher, Krystian and Matty £13.21

Mia P and Sofia £12.70

Dominik and Oliver £12.25

Mia S and Natalia £11.90

Abinash and Alfie £9.65

Ermy and Suzie £9.20

Bobbi and Izzy £6.40

Ellajo, Klaudia and Lili £5.10

Lilli-Anna and Lucy  £4.10

Alex £4.00

Caitlyn and Kiera £2.90

Neo £1.80

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