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Year 6 Pilgrimage by Naomi
October 28, 2016, 12:18 pm
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Last week Year 6 went on a pilgrimage to Lancaster as part of the Year of Mercy.

We began the day with a journey on an long, exhausting coach trip and we all took a selfie. After a long wait we finally arrived at Lancaster Castle. We then walked over towards the Priory and we all got given a booklet with all of the songs and prayers for the Pilgrimage. Once we all had a booklet we went in and practised singing until the other schools had sat down. after that we had our first prayer station before we said a prayer we sang Christ be our Light.

After the first prayer station  we headed over to Lancaster Castle and we all stood together in a group. We did our short prayer service and we then waited for the lady that was going to take us to the courtroom and tell us the history of it. she told us that there had been a lot of people that had died for their religion in Lancaster Castle; what she told us was actually quite interesting.

Once we ha finished in Lancaster Castle we walked to the town centre for some more songs and prayers. We looked like right fools but we didn’t really care. At the prayer station we sang the song Ave Maria, the words to the chorus translate to the first few lines of the ail Mary.

The last prayer station before our  dinner was at Dalton Square and they told us about the history of Friar Street. Friars used to help people to get better when they were ill and needed medicine. we were all starting to get really hungry after walking for so long.

So after what seemed like forever we went over to the town hall for our dinner. we all started to tuck into our lunch but then we had to say  grace before meals. After we had finally said our grace we all once again into our meals for real this time! Teagan kindly brought a tub of jelly beans with her and she shared them with us all. After a well deserved lunch we had to say another prayer and sing another song. We then made our way over to Lancaster Cathedral.

On our way to the Cathedral it was raining but luckily we had ponchos from earlier so we had to put them on we looked pretty stupid but we didn’t care we just carried on parading through the streets. Once we arrived at the Cathedral we had to get our picture taken before we went inside. When we went inside music was playing as we sat down.

Once the service started we said a prayer and then Kaya and Thomas took up the prayers that we had written in class then Kaya read out the prayer that she wrote. We ended the service by singing a few hymns and saying quite a few prayers. We then walked back to Dalton Square as the coach was waiting for us to take back to school.

Dan Worsley
October 25, 2016, 7:55 pm
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As part of Book Week, Dan Worsley came to visit our school again to talk about how he became an author.

He led us in an assembly where he not only entertained us but also gave us some great advice on how to be good writers and more importantly that we are able to achieve our dreams if we are determined and are brave!

Dan now has 3 books and his third, ‘More Impossible Tales’ is out now!  We were treated to a story from the book titled, ‘Pat on the Head’.  I don’t want to spoil it but it was soooo funny and had us laughing lots in school (while some of the female teachers were a little grossed out!)

Don’t forget, you can go and see Dan do some scary stories at Poulton Library on Monday 31st October!


Walking Club – Brockholes
October 24, 2016, 7:31 pm
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This month’s walking club was to Brockholes.

With 2 new members we set off on the bus to the nature reserve just outside Preston.

The day was a fun one and included:

  • Rolling down hills
  • Hardcore Parkour
  • Hunting for wooden animals in the Deep Dark Wood
  • Throwing stones in the River Ribble
  • Lots of fun on the park
  • Being saved from a bramble bush
  • A spot of bird watching
  • Ice cold milk shakes
  • The biggest ice creams ever!


All in all a very fun day out!  The weather stayed lovely for us and Year 6 were on great from so we have a brilliant time!  Roll on next month!


Star of the Week
October 21, 2016, 9:37 am
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Sacred Heart Icon
October 19, 2016, 7:42 pm
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As part of the Year of Mercy, an icon of the Sacred Heart has been passed around each school in the Lancaster Diocese.

This week it is our turn to host the icon.


October 1, 2016, 7:17 pm
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Friday night was ‘Camp Night’ for Year 6 on the school field.

After 4 weeks of school, Year 6 were invited to a team-building camp on the school field.  We began the night putting up  tents around the top of the field.

Year 6 arrived at 5pm excited to unpack and make their ‘bed for the night’ cosy (and eat plenty of sweets).   We then had some tea and ice creams for dessert.

Later the class split themselves into teams and we played some team games, including:

  • Organising themselves in order on a bench
  • Passing a ball (using knees or chins)
  • Crossing the hall on chairs
  • Collecting glow sticks in the dark

At 8:30 we had a break and sat and watched the UK firework display on the bottom field.  They were amazing!

As it reached 11, the class got into their pyjamas and we sat around the camp fire sharing some nice comments about members of our class whilst drinking hot chocolate (thanks Mrs Knight!)

Finally Mr Waywell read a story by torch light and everyone went off to their tents – very excited! Everyone managed to get some sleep and thankfully the rain stayed away!

In the morning we watched a film, had breakfast and packed away all of the tents.

Year 6 were great and are now looking forward to camping again in the Summer term!

Doug “Kung Po” Smith
October 1, 2016, 6:12 pm
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Year 6 were visited today by Doug “Kung Po” Smith.

After break time, Doug had come to tell the class how he had just won the World Sumo Championship in Japan.  The class welcomed him and had plenty of questions to find out how he found winning the event.

Doug was there for half an hour and signed autographs, posed for photographs and even showed his famous “Teddy Bear Roll” move.

He now hopes to find love and have some sumo children of his own.

I wonder who will visit the class next?


Walking Stannah
October 1, 2016, 5:49 pm
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Our first walking club with the new Year 6 was to Stannah.  We have 17 members of the club ready to walk each month at a different location.   Some people forgot that it was “walking club” and when we arrived couldn’t believe that we would have to walk to the park carrying our own lunch bags!

On this months walk we:

  • Jumped in lots of puddles
  • Walked/hid in some very long grass
  • Fell in puddles!
  • Got chased by horses
  • Jumped in more puddles
  • Built a den
  • Got pushed very high on the swing from Mr Waywell
  • Played on the park
  • Had delicious ice creams

All in all a great start to the club! Roll on October’s walk!

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