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Victorian School Day

On Friday Year 6 traveled back in time for a Victorian school day.

The day began with inspection of hands and uniforms before settling into rows in the classroom and learning about the three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) and the rules and punishments in Victorian times.

The reading lesson was to recite and discuss a Victorian poem by Matthew Arnold.  In arithmetic we chanted some times tables and then solved problems involving Victorian money.

Break time kept the theme and the class were only allowed to play with marbles, spinning tops, hula hoops or Victorian toys (no iPads or footballs!)

After break, writing was with a stylus and ink (or chalk and slate for the ones who struggled).  We then had drill with a very fierce Miss Linton!

After lunch our geography lesson was about the British Empire in Victorian times.

Year 6 all dressed up and really got involved in the day to make it a fun and memorable one!

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