Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2017/18

Spy Moves

Posted by Mr Waywell on Oct-24-2017

  1. Rico Said,

    This was really fun.

  2. Lucy Said,

    I know! You was really good Rico and obviously everyone else was great too!★

  3. Tegan lovatt Said,

    I loved that it was fun if everyone was dressed as a spy then it would look even better

  4. Hannah Said,

    This was super fun thanks Mr Waywell for letting some of us do this and to everyone else you guys did excellent

  5. Grace Said,

    well done everyone. This week was SOO FUN! Is it just me or did this term go really quick?

  6. Lillie-ann Said,

    Well done everyone who did the movie

  7. Charlotte Said,

    I had a lot of fun.

  8. Alexia Said,

    So sad I wasn’t there to do this

  9. Alexia emsley Said,

    So sad wasn’t there to do this 🙁

  10. Krystian Said,

    i was in the video

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