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Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-30-2017

This month’s walking club took us to Brockholes Nature Reserve.

Thankfully, after a week of horrible weather, we were lucky to get some dry(ish) weather.

The day started with some walking  though quickly we learned that this would be “playing and eating club” this month!  Along the way we:

  • Built dens
  • Pooled money to make a kitty
  • Found lots of woodland sculptures
  • Played on the park
  • Walked a little
  • Ate chips
  • Ate lunch
  • Ate jelly
  • Ate yoghurts

All in all another fun month!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-30-2017

Take a look at how great Year 6 have become at balances!  They have put trust in each other and listened to advice from Miss Linton and, as a result, here are the impressive balances!

Judges Lodgings

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-23-2017

Today was our school visit to the Judges Lodgings in Lancaster.  Our aim was to learn about Victorian life through seeing a Victorian building and artifacts; and taking part in some role plays (the class looked amazing dressed as Victorians!)

We began the day with a bus journey to Lancaster; this was great as we got to splash in lots of puddles on the way!

Judges Lodgings was build in Victorian times and, as the title suggests, was the home of the judge in Lancaster.

In the trip we:

  • Took part in a Victorian school room role play
  • Role played as servants to the lords and ladies (polishing cutlery and getting the table ready for dinner)
  • Looked at Victorian toys (and many others from the past 400 years)
  • Visited a Victorian cottage (so much smaller than that of the richer people!)


What did you enjoy?

What did you learn?


Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-23-2017

Do you fancy watching the film about microbes again? (Remember the poo smoothie!)

CAFOD Assembly

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-22-2017

A huge well done to Year 6 for planning, writing, presenting and choosing a song for their assembly about CAFOD.

A brilliant effort from everyone and a lovely and informative assembly as a result (with some great singing at the end too!)

Spy Rockets

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-6-2017

Spies use science to help out and we were no different.

In Year 3 we erupted volcanoes using bicarbonate soda and vinegar…but what happens when you seal the mixture in a film case?

You get rockets!

Out on the playground some of us were more successful than others as we launched our rockets.  We found that fizzy tablets and water work too – though not as effective!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-6-2017

The spies had to face secret challenges that involved team work.

One was facing their fears as they tried eating meal worms, locusts and crickets!

Well done spies for all giving it a go!

Code Breaking

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-6-2017

Maths in Spy Week involved lots of code breaking.  The aim was to use coordinates, algebra, calculations and other code-breaking tools to find clues and solve mysteries (including two murders!)

Spy Music

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-6-2017

The music lesson looked at different Spy theme tunes with a quiz to see how much we knew…thanks Mrs Mallinson!


Spy Week

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-6-2017

To end our topic, we held a “Spy” themed week in Year 6.

Along the way we tried to link as many lessons as we could to being a spy.

Here are our recruits (dressed amazingly) for our Spy Day that ended the week!