Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

Spy Rockets

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-6-2017

Spies use science to help out and we were no different.

In Year 3 we erupted volcanoes using bicarbonate soda and vinegar…but what happens when you seal the mixture in a film case?

You get rockets!

Out on the playground some of us were more successful than others as we launched our rockets.  We found that fizzy tablets and water work too – though not as effective!

  1. Rico Said,

    I loved these experiments!

  2. Reshma Said,

    I miss yr 6

  3. Kaid Said,

    I really enjoyed doing this although most of them were epic fails XD THANKS FOR YEAR 6 MR WAYWELL!

  4. ebony Said,

    i loved it

  5. Lillie-ann Said,

    on the first day of the half term holidays i did the experiment and showed my family and I also watched Cody banks 2 it was very funny

  6. Lucy Said,

    I loved it but sadly mine every single time didn’t even get off the ground! 🙁 but it was great seeing everyone else’s!!! Xxx thank you!

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