Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2017/18

Judges Lodgings

Posted by Mr Waywell on Nov-23-2017

Today was our school visit to the Judges Lodgings in Lancaster.  Our aim was to learn about Victorian life through seeing a Victorian building and artifacts; and taking part in some role plays (the class looked amazing dressed as Victorians!)

We began the day with a bus journey to Lancaster; this was great as we got to splash in lots of puddles on the way!

Judges Lodgings was build in Victorian times and, as the title suggests, was the home of the judge in Lancaster.

In the trip we:

  • Took part in a Victorian school room role play
  • Role played as servants to the lords and ladies (polishing cutlery and getting the table ready for dinner)
  • Looked at Victorian toys (and many others from the past 400 years)
  • Visited a Victorian cottage (so much smaller than that of the richer people!)


What did you enjoy?

What did you learn?

  1. Rico Said,

    Really good trip

  2. Lucy Said,

    I really am never going to forget it!!! Xxx

  3. Lucy Said,

    I enjoyed learning what life was like in the Victorian times and I learned that life was really not easy for people in Victorian times as well ( even if u are a kid at school with all the punishments!) !!! Xxx

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