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Santa Dash

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-19-2017

Today was Year 6’s last cross country session and we decided to do it with a little festive sparkle!

Donning something festive the class all ran the route (most completing more laps than ever before!)

As a treat at the end the class were rewarded with a hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows and biscuits.

Jesse Tree

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-19-2017

Today Year 6 helped to do a complete run through of every Jesse Tree reading from the beginning of December.

Without warning they stood up to the challenge and the school and teachers were very impressed with the stories and laughed lots.

Thanks Year  6!

Christmas Dinner

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-19-2017

Ho ho ho!  Christmas is almost here!

Thank you to all of the cooks for a delicious Christmas dinner today…yum!

CAFOD Crafts

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-17-2017

Year 6 have been learning about CAFOD in RE.

To end our topic we decided to raise some money for the charity by running a Christmas Craft fair.

Year 6 had to:

  • Decide on a craft
  • Source all of the materials
  • Choose a price that would make a profit
  • Create their crafts (at least 30)
  • Design an advertising poster
  • Set up a stall that would attract customers
  • Sell sell sell

We made a whopping £218!

The class then had to decide which CAFOD gifts to buy.

Among other things, to help those in need we have bought a cow, a goat, some birds, some bees, mosquito nets, reading books, emergency water and much more.

Well done Year 6…everyone at school was very impressed!

Christmas Jumper Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-17-2017

Christmas is so close, that means it’s time for Christmas Jumper Day!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-17-2017

As part of our Victorian topic, Year 6 took a visit to Blackpool library to learn about how Blackpool changed in Victorian times.

  • We looked at some old maps to see how Blackpool town centre changed during the era.
  • We learned about the building of South Pier from a Victorian copy of the Gazette
  • We found some Victorian names and occupations using an 1891 Census record
  • We found out that there were many reasons for children taking time of school, including small pox and planting potatoes!
  • We looked at old photos to see how Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens was built



Stars of the week and talented guitarists.

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-15-2017

Baking Bread

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-8-2017

Microorganisms took us to the Cheese Factory; this week they taught us about making bread with yeast.

Year 6 proved to be excellent bakers with some very tasty bread!

We also found out that bread without yeast is very flat and rather unpleasant!

Victorian Day

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-8-2017

This term’s topic dress up day was a Victorian School Day.

Year 6 dressed the part (as did the teachers) and we transformed the classroom into a Victorian(ish) one.

The day began with a very fierce Miss Linton doing drill on the school yard.  Our Victorians had to limber up and exercise to keep themselves warm in the cold and get their bodies ready for the day.

Next was inspection and class rules (as well as learning our Victorian names).  Thank goodness the cane was left in Victorian times!

The lessons were the three R’s: Reading Writing and aRithmetic.  Some of us had the skill to use ink pens – others had to move back onto chalk and slate.

We also looked at some geography as we covered the Victorian Empire.

Did you enjoy the day?  What did you learn?


Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-5-2017

A fantastic win tonight in the North Shore schools final. Now onto the main final in January. Well done to everyone!


Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-1-2017

In Year 6 we have been learning about microorganisms and how they can be good or bad.  One of the great uses of microbes is in the making of cheese!

This in mind, we took a trip to a local cheese factory, Dewlays.

Here we learned how to make cheese using bacteria, milk and rennet by hand.  We then looked at how the professionals do this in the factory.  We finished with a cheese tasting session…delicious!  If that wasn’t all good enough, we then got to take home some cheese too!

Star learners

Posted by Mr Waywell on Dec-1-2017