Year 6 @ Holy Family

Class of 2018/19

Trailer Number 1

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jan-28-2018

For the past two weeks Year 6 have been learning about Suspense writing.

We ended our topic by making our own Suspense Trailers.

Here’s the first finished one!

  1. Lucy Said,

    Love it!!! Made some mistakes though but as some finished!!!! Xxx

  2. Lucy Said,

    It was ment to say / Nowhere is safe… / but someone in my group put / safe/ Lol! Xxx

  3. neve Said,

    I love this video too ! Please can you post the other videos when they are done!XxX

  4. JB Said,

    I had fun making this short movie, all credit to this who made the movie with me

  5. Hannah Said,

    This was super fun to make!

  6. Lucy Said,

    I mean save

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