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Water Park Day 2

Posted by Mr Waywell on Jun-26-2018

After a sunny first day and lots of exercise, most children were asleep by 10:30 last night.

Today children had to wake to make their own pack lunches at 7:30.   Everyone managed and then we tucked into a cooked breakfast before today’s activities.

Pink group began the day with some ghyll scrambling.  All of the group got stuck in as they climbed up the ghyll with lots of opportunities to jump in the water.   Teachers were very impressed with the effort made and teamwork (though they pretended it had sharks…with some of the children believing them!)  In the afternoon they took part in some high ropes.  Again the group were very brave and gave it their best shot in climbing the totem pole and the wrecking ball.  So many overcame their fears with everyone jumping off the wrecking ball.

Blue group also began the day with some ghyll scrambling.  Again they all embraced the activity, climbing quickly, jumping in all of the pools and impressed the leaders with their determination so much that the group were challenged to climb the last part of the ghyll.  Everyone who wanted to got into harnesses and used ropes to climb to the top.  Once there, they slid down a large stone into a pool of water.  (I did it and know how scary it was…so those who did were very brave!)  In the afternoon we got some tandem canoes and paddled down Lake Coniston with some stop-offs to play games.  With the beautiful weather it was a lovely day out!

Red group began their day with the high ropes.  They also did the totem pole and Mrs Whitehead was really impressed at how the children overcame their fears and tried to stretch themselves.   The group then had fun on the low-rope assault course.  In the afternoon the group also went into the ghyll.   The team work was brilliant and Mrs Whitehead added that they were so thoughtful of each other’s feelings and supporting each other.

Everyone is now eating enchiladas for tea then we’re off to play games tonight.

  1. Valentina Birou Said,

    Seems that you are having fun there !!!!The weather is helping you a lot. I would like to see some pictures!!!! Enjoy yourself Dennis!! Love you so much!!! Kisses!!!

  2. Shane Meekins-Nash Said,

    Glad you are having lots of fun.
    Well done Holly for climbing the totem pole, hope you enjoy dinner.
    Toffee barked that she misses you lots
    Love Mum xxx

  3. Wayne Bradford Said,

    Great to see everyone is having a good time. Joseph and Charlie are missing you Jacob B. Enjoy yourself. Love Mum, Dad, Joseph and Charlie.

  4. Angela Patmore Said,

    Sounds like you’ve had a brilliant day! We miss you Lucy! Enjoy every second though as the week will fly by! Love from Mum, Dad, Mia and Neve xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Beverly Fraser Said,

    Hi Pops, hope you’ve had a good day and managed to climb to the top and slid down into the pool of water to cool down. We miss you and the house is very quiet without you hahaha. Love Mum, Nick, Mads and Sophie Xxx

  6. Elwira Gawecka Said,

    Im so happy to see you Jakub G so happy having fun enjoying your self.I know how much this was mean to you to go on this trip.We love you so much.Chloe is crying everyday after you.Today she didnt wanted staying at club after school even 🙁 We miss you so much cant wait till see you x x x

  7. Mary Hunter Said,

    Hi Hannah hope you had fun on the toten pole, we can’t wait to see the photos. We love and miss you so so much can’t wait to see you lots of love Mum xoxoxox

  8. Rebecca Dervishaj Said,

    Kaid it sounds like you have had a great day today very proud of you and we all miss you very much love you xxxx

  9. Anna Czarnecka Said,

    Seems like you are having fun. Kacper I hope you got to the top Filip is sleeping in your bed as Milosz is missing you a lot. We miss you too of course enjoy and make great memories for life. Love you sweetie xxxx

  10. Donna Heap Said,

    Wow Dylan what a fantastic Day 2 ! I am so jealous of the ghyll scrambling, I bet you loved it !! Isabelle loved that too so maybe we should arrange to do that over the summer. Take Care sweetie pie xxx

  11. Stars Kolaczek Said,

    I cant wait till my class goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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