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Water Park Day 3

We’re a little more tired this morning with only 3 bedrooms waking up themselves.

Making lunch is now a slick machine and children were very quick.  Bacon butties for breakfast went down a treat too!

The weather today is beautiful so children are layering up in sun-cream!

Blue group took part in their journey day today.  We began with a short drive to Ravens Crag.   Here the group put on harnesses and ropes and learned how to scramble (a cross between mountain climbing and hiking).  The children were great at and pushed their own limits to make it to the top…the views were amazing!  The hike down was a hot one so we rewarded ourselves with an ice cream and a splash in the water when we made the bottom.   After the walk, we took a catamaran down the lake back to Water Park where we jumped in to cool off!

Pink group were also on journey day.  There day took them to Coniston where they walked 3 miles to reach the town.  Once there, they treated themselves to an ice cream in the sun.   Their next challenge was to sail their way back to Water Park.  The instructors expected this to be a struggle with the warm weather however they were wrong, the group were brilliant at it and got much further than they thought.

Red group began the day climbing.  Again Mrs Whitehead was very impressed and nearly all of them made it to the top!  Again she couldn’t believe how they pushed themselves when they were feeling scared.  After lunch they took to the water for some kayaking.  Though a few ended up in the water, they managed to make it across to the jetty.  Here their instructor put them onto the platform in their kayaks and then pushed them off into the water…the group loved it!

Meatballs for tea went down a treat and now the group are off outside for another games session.   They have loved the phone calls and especially your comments on the blog.  Thank you!