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Water Park Day 4

Today red team were on their journey day.  They took a trip to Cathedral Quarries where they explored the cave.  At one point they had to walk into the deeper part with a candle lit and then when everyone was together blow them out – lots of the children have said how exciting it was!  It was then time for the team to get their ice creams in the village.  After a cool down the children boarded a large catamaran and sailed back to Water Park.

Blue team began their day with some outdoor climbing.   We sailed across the water and then climbed up to the quarry.  Here every member of the group managed to climb to the top of the cliff face.  They were so confident they started to have climbing races!  After lunch the group did some kayaking though they were so keen to jump in the water, the kayaking came second place to jumping in whenever they could.  We launched our kayaks of the jetty then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming.

Pink team had a wet day too.  They began their day by kayaking and all really got to grips with what to do so they were whizzing around the water with plenty of challenges from their leader.   In the afternoon they had a lot of fun splashing around in the water before trying some paddle boarding.  All of them said this was lots of fun!  The children ended their day on Jacobs Ladder.  This high rope activity is a tricky one where children have to climb to the top of  a giant ladder.  The aim is to get the whole team to stand on the top…Pink Team managed it.  The leaders and teachers were extremely impressed with them!

Half of the class are now settling down to watch football whilst the others are outside listening to music.

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