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Water Park Day 2

Everyone slept well last night, with most children needing waking up at 7:30.  Their first challenge of the day was to make their own packed lunch (some more successful than others!)

Pink Group began the day with some sailing.  They took to it quickly and in no time were zig-zagging across Coniston a full speed (the instructors where very impressed.)   In the afternoon it was time for some ghyl scrambling and the team took to this well too.  Everyone took part in every challenge and every jump and was voted the best activity so far this week!

Red Group started their day on the ghyl.  Again everyone got stuck into the task, finding out that they loved the water (particularly James – who fell in at every opportunity).  In the afternoon the group to a group canoe over to the island on Coniston.  Here they played a few games and made a fire to make hot chocolate.  To keep their spirits high, they made up a few songs to sing all of the canoe journey back.

Green Group took to the water this morning.  First they practised their skills on some group canoes in pairs.  Once they had mastered the technique, they got their own kayak each and set off again on the water.  All of them did a brilliant job!   In the afternoon it was the groups turn on the ghyl.  Again they excelled in the challenge and all pushed themselves to take part in the activities.

Blue Group started their day at the ghyl too and, like to other groups, loved it!  They all got stuck into the activities and loved how wet they got.  In the afternoon the group did some indoor climbing.  Though some found it difficult, everyone pushed themselves to achieve their best climbs.  Mrs Pearce was so impressed with the team work from the group!

Tonight is lasagne for tea then we’re off to play more games.

The children loved last night’s comment…thank you!